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Launched in January 2011, SaveInTown was started by GlobalTech East Inc., a design & marketing company located in Toms River, NJ.  With the expertise of our programmers and designers, we were able to produce SaveInTown at a low cost, giving us the ability to offer SaveInTown 100% free to consumers and businesses.  Our mission is to help boost the economy by providing consumers "A New Way To Save™" and allowing businesses to offer deals and get the word out about their business for free.

What Is SaveInTown

For Businesses ("Vendors): SaveInTown offer businesses many ways to promote and advertise their business 100% free.  They can post savings, post printable coupons, send messages to their Savers, send SMS messages to their Savers, and build their SaveFile page, which is a business profile that is optimized for searches on SaveInTown as well as many popular search engines.  We offer an analytics page which show the business how many people are currently Saving With them and who is opted in to receive emailed messages and SMS messages.  We also provide each business with a Certified Vendor sticker that they can display in their location to let their consumers know they can Save With them on SaveInTown.  We continue to add many features to SaveInTown that will help promote businesses further.

For Consumers ("Savers"): SaveInTown allows consumers to Save With businesses.  By Saving With a business, the Saver, or consumer, can only see the Savings offered directly by that business on their Savings Board.  This allows the Saver to only choose the businesses who they want to Save With, eliminating the hassle of getting bombarded with deals from businesses that they do not frequent.  Savers also have the ability to acquire Saver Buddies, these Saver Buddies are other Savers out their who are using SaveInTown. Saver Buddies can share deals or Savings with other Saver Buddies on their Saver Deals page.  Saver Deals may be different deals other Savers have come across that are not posted on SaveInTown, allowing Saver Buddies to share deals with each other.  Savers can also comment and/or rate on posted savings by businesses, allowing other savers the ability to see how great the saving is.

GlobalTech East Inc.

GlobalTech East Inc. was started by life-long friends, Frank Vitolo & Joseph LaBruzza. Both young business owners, they decided to merge their existing tech/design companies into a one-stop shopping company. With the expertise of both companies at its disposal, GlobalTech East Inc. can offer a wide array of marketing and promotional services. In short, GlobalTech East Inc. can serve as your provider for products ranging from Powerpoint presentations to Multilingual, database oriented e-commerce websites to professional Graphic Design and business branding options. We do it all. To learn more about GlobalTech East Inc, visit their page at

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